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LinkedIn™ for Business #2: Build your Personal Brand With LinkedIn™ | 1.5 Hour Workshop

Date: This is a past event Time: 1600H -1700H Venue: Garage Society Wanchai, 4/f Beverley House, Lockhart Rd, Wanchai Watch an introductory Video HERE

Everyone has a personal brand. It’s what people say about you when you are not in the room.
What do people really think of you? What are you known for in your industry?

That is your actual personal brand.

Learn how to build your personal brand using LinkedIn™.

These days, it is often the strong personal brands within a company that add the most value to a corporate brand. Having a strong personal brand and professional reputation will earn you more money, attract better business opportunities and get you more clients with less work. You will also get more referrals, even from people who may not yet have even done business with you themselves.

Like it or not, these days, you are whoever GOOGLE says you are. The only way your target client or network you wish to influence will know what you have done, or are doing now, is if you tell them.

With almost 700m users worldwide & 2m users in Hong Kong representing half of the Professional, Manager & Executive population, LinkedIn™ has taken ownership of the personal branding & thought leadership space and offers you an effective way to promote yourself to your target market as an industry expert.

At Steve’s Workshop, you will learn:

  • What is personal branding?
  • Why it is vital that you manage your own personal brand
  • How Google will manage it for you if do not take charge yourself
  • How to create a profile of yourself as an industry authority both online & offline
  • How to build your own personal brand using LinkedIn™

Who should attend?

  • Time-Poor Senior Executives
  • Busy Business owners
  • Marketing Directors/Managers
  • Sales Professionals hungry to sell more

To book your workshop, please call me on +852 9170 5575 or email me at stevebruce@sbconsulting.com.hk.

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