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ABout us

SB Consulting is a Hong Kong based marketing consultancy. We work with growing companies in Hong Kong and Asia who are ready to move to the next level in their growth cycle and need access to senior-level sales & marketing expertise, but are not yet ready to hire a full-time marketing team. SB Consulting gives you access to over 20 years of marketing, advertising, media & sales experience as well as an extensive senior-level contacts network throughout Asia.

It’s not what you know…
It’s who. And we do. As well as all of the regular marketing services we offer, we can also help you with many other areas of your business. In the unlikely event that we don’t already know someone who can help you, we’re about two phone calls away from finding someone who can, via our extensive network of trusted partners. Hong Kong is a small village of 7 million people and once you have been around a while, you get known. That’s what over a decade of experience in Hong Kong gets you.

Always Seek Local Knowledge:
It’s an old adage and it still holds true today. With over a decade in Asia, we have been around long enough to know the ropes – and who owns them too – especially important if you are the ‘new boy’ in town. We can save you from making an expensive mistake by making sure you team up with the right partner.

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