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There is nothing better than a happy client and I have many. Here’s what some of them are saying about my work

Happy Linkedin Clients

I have known Steve through his seminar since 2017. I had a fruitful one-on-one coaching session on managing my Linkedin profile from Steve in July this year. I can see he is someone who always cares and supports his client. He cares to make sure details of my profile to be upgraded in the right exposure to my dream business contact. With his highly experienced knowledge in Linkedin, I was able to improve my “Social Selling Index” from 50% to almost 80%. He has helped me to increase awareness of my professional brand, helped me to find the right network and engaged with insights. As a result, in the past 4 months, I have received two of my ideal business contacts from Hong Kong and Singapore. It was a huge delight to have this result because of Steve’s help. With Steve’s exceptional passion and mindful marketing skill at his Linkedin Training, I am sure his future clients will benefit from his expert training. I highly recommend everyone to get Steve’s coaching and training. I wish Steve a successful business endeavour.


Agnes Lo (DTM) – Corporate Trainer•Strengths Coach•Educator•Keynote Speaker•Distinguished Toastmaster•DiSC Personality Decoding Expert


“I first met Steve at a networking event. I found his enthusiasm and energy infectious. Steve opened my eyes to the world of social media marketing and within 3 days of using his ideas I had my first enquiry through Linkedin”

Pete Gable – Executive Coach



I worked with Steve throughout my time as Programme Manager at Garage Society to host his Linkedin for Business workshops at our co-working spaces throughout Hong Kong. He consistently delivered quality events and was an excellent content partner, always showing his support for our programmes and even going above and beyond our core event collaboration to provide super helpful insights and guidance for our company’s Linkedin marketing strategies. It was a pleasure to work with Steve and I highly recommend his workshops for anyone looking to grow their business with Linkedin.

Hei-Yue Pang – MBA Candidate at HKUST Business School


It took me 10 years to get to my first 1000 followers on Linkedin; then I met you. 6 months later I now have 2,300. And growing. I’m now getting connection requests & business enquiries from industry people I never knew previously from around the globe. The number of people visiting my profile has risen from 12 to 485 over the past 3 months and continues to grow steadily. I have also picked up a new business partner, totally through Linkedin, who is going to help me open up new markets in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria and so on in Africa. He flew over to meet me after we spent time chatting and he is a well-credentialed person to help us do this work. Additionally, there will be scores of attendees coming to visit our annual trade show in Zhuhai this year for the first time because they have now engaged with me here on Linkedin. Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the world of new business opportunities that Linkedin offers.

David Gibbons – Vice General Manager at Comexposium


Steve Bruce is easily recognised as the top expert in Linkedin and Personal Branding. We were very privileged that he could come and speak to a full house tonight after stepping off a plane from Heathrow just hours earlier. Dedicated, passionate and professional, Steve gave a rapid-fire succession of usable practical tips in the areas of image and network building, down to details such as the ideal headshot. When I think of Linkedin, Bruce comes to mind as the go-to expert.

Jim Wan – President Hong Kong Toastmasters Achievers Club


I have attended Steve’s excellent ‘Linked for Business’ series of workshops and have worked with him to upgrade my own Linkedin profile. He really knows Linkedin very well and challenged me to find the correct way to present myself professionally on the platform. As an Executive coach, my work is normally focused on how to help other people rather than myself, so I really found the work we did together useful. If you want to upgrade how you look to your target market, Steve is your man.

Trevor Smith – Executive Coach | Leadership Facilitator | Sales Trainer | Business Coach

So glad that I made Steve the first stop for The Finance Team! He was able to get the ideas out of my head and onto the page, providing insight, training on some of the less obvious bits of LinkedIn and even a few potential leads for me. This feels like the beginning of a long term relationship. Thanks Steve!

Marianne Green CPA – SME Accounting, Finance & Business Operations Consultant – The Finance Team 



I leant a lot. More recently I have been working with Steve to develop my LinkedIn profile and it’s been a great success. If you are in sales or Business Development do not underestimate the power of this media and Steve allows you to maximise the opportunities it provides. If you would like to learn more about my experiences then please feel free to contact me and also go and grab a coffee with Steve for an hour and learn more. It certainly won’t be a wasted hour!

Ross Bendix – Business Development Manager at Cassius Group

We hired Steve to run his ‘Linkedin for Business Teams’ workshop for us as part of our in-house training program. The workshop was very inspiring and informative where Steve helped us to demystify and explain the many hidden features Linkedin offers in a clear & concise way, teaching us how to optimize our LinkedIn profile and leverage our connections to reach a much wider audience with our posts.

I would happily recommend Steve’s workshops to any company looking to raise their industry profile & visibility.

Fiti Tse –  Generali Insurance Hong Kong  

I have known Steve for many years, both socially and professionally, since our introduction at the same networking group. I have always found Steve to be extremely knowledgeable in personal branding and the ability to use social media tools like LinkedIn to maximise potential. I have no hesitation in recommending him to potential clients looking to enhance their online presence.

Phil Aldridge –  Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Steve’s LinkedIn workshops are very insightful and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at maximizing the power of LinkedIn – an essential tool in the business world of today.

Henri Arslanian –  Fintech Thought Leader, Partner. PwC Hong Kong

You can view more testimonials from my happy clients by visiting the ‘Recommendations’ section on my Linkedin profile.

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Happy Marketing Clients

After struggling to get my website built by myself, I hired SB Consulting to help me complete the project. Steve immediately identified what needed to be done and created a project timeline for completing all the tasks required. 

He managed the whole project, keeping it on time and on budget. He was always generous with his knowledge and always willing to willing to help me to tell the best possible story about ‘brand me’.

He helped me to create compelling website content and leverage social media channels including Linkedin and facebook. This work has enabled me to present myself to the market in the most effective way. As a licenced Hypnotherapist, this is very important for me. I am now generating leads and enquiries from my website, Linkedin page and facebook page, thanks to Steve and SB Consulting.

I am pleased with the job and result and i would heartily recommend SB Consulting to anyone looking to get clear about how to market their brand.

Aldo Privileggi (NGH, QHHT) Hypnotherapist


Steve gets the job done. He s very good at simplifying complicated ideas into clear byte sized messages. He is very focused and never loses sight of the end goal. He is a creative, lateral thinker who is never afraid to suggest out-of-the box ideas to help achieve his clients needs. I have worked with him on several website projects and always enjoy working with him. If you want your marketing done right, Steve is you man.

Billy Wong – CEO Canaan Internet Marketing Hong Kong 

SB Consulting worked with us for over 9 months. During this time they focused mostly on sponsorship sales for our successful PIE+S (Property Investment Exhibition + Seminar). Steve personally generated over HKD700,000 in revenue for us, which we were obviously delighted with. We found SB Consulting frequently willing to do whatever was required to get the job done. They were very easy to work with, always proactive and always thinking ahead and willing to find solutions to whatever problems came up, often anticipating them in advance. If you are looking for a firm that can produce outstanding results in many different areas at the same time while helping to grow your business, then I would have no hesitation in recommending SB Consulting

Roger Searl – Director INFO/NATION, founding partner Millionaireasia Greater China Limited


Prior to hiring SB Consulting, Evans & Peck had never really been very active in marketing our Leadership and Organisational Development products and we had no time or resource to learn how. SB Consulting quickly helped us to identify exactly what needed doing and how to do it. They were also invaluable in ensuring that the whole process was project-managed effectively and the many tasks involved, kept on track. Without their help, I think we would still be fluffing around with marketing ideas. Great work and many thanks!”

Barry Brewster – Principal Consultant Evans & Peck


Our agents and sales people now have a much more compelling sales story to tell their clients. As our product, direct investment in Canadian shopping malls, is quite a complicated one, this makes their job much easier. The results? To date we have generated an additional USD262,000 (HKD2m) in sales and growing, even during this financial crisis. Thank you Steve.”

Brett Cameron – Sales Director, REDEV Properties


SB Consultings’ ‘local knowledge’ contributed greatly to us achieving our goals for the fair. They were always willing to go the extra mile for us and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any company who needs to raise awareness of their product or event.”

Natasha Cubbit – Marketing Director  – Asian Art Fairs Ltd 


SB Consulting helped to guide us through the whole corporate rebrand process from new namecards to a very technical website. In addition they produced clear a marketing plan with clear marketing objectives & strategy, as well as keeping on top of the many tasks involved in a project of this nature.

They eased us smoothly through what could have been a very complicated process. I would happily recommend them”

Grant Craft – Director – Craft Projects International Ltd


We have been very impressed with the high professional standards that SB Consulting have consistently worked to. They frequently went much further than the extra mile, providing much more than was asked of them. I would have no hesitation in recommending SBC to any company requiring music consultancy services”

Cathal Kiely – Owner – SOLAS Bar & Lounge, Hong Kong


SB Consulting worked hard on a set of difficult tasks during one of the worst times the advertising industry has endured in recent history. SARS, 9/11 & the Asian financial crisis. We were consistently impressed with the quality of the work they produced for us.

I would certainly recommend SB Consulting for any Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Communication brief. SBC repeatedly demonstrated that they can adapt to new challenges quickly and effectively and they are creative in sharing views and ideas”

Ron Graham – COO Asia Pacific – KINETIC Worldwide


We needed to work with a company that has senior-level contacts in large client companies, but were not in a position to hire a full-time team with this amount of experience. SB Consulting offered us the chance to gain access to years of experience at an affordable cost”

Alexander Moore – Chief Guru, Web Guru


SB Consulting were retained principally to launch Instant Access Properties in Hong Kong.

As Marketing Director for the group, based in London, I worked closely with SB Consulting to ensure an effective launch. During this time they proved an invaluable resource, demonstrating commitment and a sound knowledge of the Hong Kong media landscape.
SB Consulting are able to work with minimal supervision across a wide range of projects”

John Pickles – Sales & Marketing Director, Instant Access Properties


You can view more testimonials from my happy clients by visiting the ‘Recommendations’ section on my Linkedin profile.

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