It took me 10 years to get to my first 1000 followers on LinkedIn™; then I met you. 6 months later I now have 2,300. And growing. I’m now getting connection requests & business enquiries from industry people I never knew previously from around the globe. The number of people visiting my profile has risen from 12 to 485 over the past 3 months and continues to grow steadily. I have also picked up a new business partner, totally through LinkedIn™, who is going to help me open up new markets in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria and so on in Africa. He flew over to meet me after we spent time chatting and he is a well-credentialed person to help us do this work. Additionally, there will be scores of attendees coming to visit our annual trade show in Zhuhai this year for the first time because they have now engaged with me here on LinkedIn™. Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the world of new business opportunities that LinkedIn™ offers.