I have known Steve through his seminar since 2017. I had a fruitful one-on-one coaching session on managing my LinkedIn™ profile from Steve in July this year. I can see he is someone who always cares and supports his client. He cares to make sure details of my profile to be upgraded in the right exposure to my dream business contact. With his highly experienced knowledge in LinkedIn™, I was able to improve my “Social Selling Index” from 50% to almost 80%. He has helped me to increase awareness of my professional brand, helped me to find the right network and engaged with insights. As a result, in the past 4 months, I have received two of my ideal business contacts from Hong Kong and Singapore. It was a huge delight to have this result because of Steve’s help. With Steve’s exceptional passion and mindful marketing skill at his LinkedIn™ Training, I am sure his future clients will benefit from his expert training. I highly recommend everyone to get Steve’s coaching and training. I wish Steve a successful business endeavour.