Challenge Poster Publicity (now called Kinetic) are global experts in planning and buying outdoor advertising. With global billings of US$480m and 16 offices worldwide, they are well established, having been in the business for 35 years. Though the Hong Kong office had been established for over 3 years, they required assistance to raise their profile in the market and increase revenue. In addition, there was the popular market misconception that Poster Publicity was a media owner which damaged their integrity and made it hard for them to appear credible & unbiased to clients. This needed to be addressed urgently.
Action We carried out an internal marketing audit and identified the core issues that were Holding the company back via close liaison with the regional HQ in Singapore and By gathering local market intelligence. We then formulated a business marketing strategy and set about raising the industry profile of the Hong Kong office. We generated new business via production of an updated credentials presentation, sales presentations to decision-makers in direct client companies and advertising agencies, marketing activities & attendance at industry seminars & functions.
Results Despite the major impact that SARS, Bird Flu, 9/11, US/Iraq war & The Asian financial crisis had on the Hong Kong market, the profile of the Hong Kong office was significantly raised and several briefs for new business from Hong Kong 4A’s advertising agencies & direct clients were sourced.
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