Challenge FZ Magazine is the leading trade magazine for the watch & jewelry trade in Germany. They needed to launch an Asian edition of the magazine in Hong Kong in record time to coincide with the largest watch & jewelry fair in Asia– The International Watch & Jewelry Fair in Hong Kong. After significant Delays at client end, we had just 10 days to organise the printing of the magazine, production & co-ordination of the booth for the show, plus all other marketing activities in order to meet the trade show deadline.
Action We Sourced a printer for the magazine, co-ordinated all print files from Germany to the Hong Kong printer. We sourced a design house and briefed them on booth design. We oversaw and project managed the production of the booth. We provided quality Control for the printing of the magazine, including proofing of final product ahead of the show. We produced all of the marketing materials including subscription forms, brochures and booked a team of models to man the stall.
Results Project was a huge success with the stand widely rated as ‘best of show’ of all media booths at the fair. Over 1,500 new subscribers were signed up to the magazine and the title was very well received by the market. The magazine also won the Silver award in the 2006 Asian Print Awards.
Testimonials “SB Consulting are miracle workers! They took us from zero to hero in just 10 days! They organised everything – corporate marketing, graphic designer, printing, marketing advice, lead generation & promotion. They even won us ‘best of show’ for our stand at the International Watch & Jewelry Show and a silver award in the Asian Print awards – pure genius!”

Ms Shoener

Publisher & Owner – FZ Magazine

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