Challenge REDEV properties are a Canadian company offering individuals the opportunity to invest in shopping malls in Canada. The company is well established having been around for over 18 years. The product is quite complicated and their existing presentation materials, brochure, sales presentation & website did not clearly explain the concept or present them in the serious, corporate manner required of a company in the international real estate sector. We were briefed with the task of updating client’s company branding without losing their existing brand identity, creating a more compelling sales story and presenting a cohesive brand image that would enable them to look as big as their much larger competitor who has a lot more marketing resource available to them.
Action SB Consulting carried out a full review of all of the existing marketing collaterals. We started by creating a consistent style guide to be used for everything from email signatures to corporate brochures. After gaining a full understanding of the client’s business model, we then re-wrote their sales presentation to bring forward the key points and simplify the concept. We produced a marketing strategy and marketing plan including product marketing strategies, online marketing strategy New corporate marketing materials were produced including a new brochure, stationery & business cards, an email marketing newsletter and an updated website design.
Results To date, the client has credited SB Consulting with over HKD2m in additional revenue as a result of the marketing strategy we produced. We are currently executing phase 3 of the project which includes internet marketing and profile raising activities to increase REDEV Properties brand awareness in Hong Kong
Testimonials “Prior to hiring SB Consulting, Evans & Peck had never really been very active in marketing our Leadership and Organisational Development products and we had no time or resource to learn how. SB Consulting quickly helped us to identify exactly what needed doing and how to do it. They were also invaluable in ensuring that the whole process was project-managed effectively and the many tasks involved, kept on track. Without their help, I think we would still be fluffing around with marketing ideas. Great work and many thanks!”

Barry Brewster

Principal Consultant Evans & Peck

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