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SB Consulting is my Hong Kong based Marketing Consultancy & I have been in business since 2001. I help growing companies like yours who are ready to market their business and need access to senior level marketing expertise but do not have a full-time marketing team. 

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What I do

LinkedIn Workshops

Want to become an expert at using Linkedin? Then come along to one of my ‘Linkedin for Business’ workshops and learn from Hong Kong’s top Linkedin Trainer!

I have many workshops in my ‘Linkedin for Business’ Workshop series on topics including:

  • Personal Branding
  • Escape Your Linkedin Limits part 1
  • Escape Your Linkedin Limits part 2
  • Thought Leadership
  • Employer Branding
  • Social Selling
  • Company Branding

LinkedIn Coaching

I have taught hundreds of busy Senior Executives, Business-Owners, Marketers & Sales Professionals how to get the best out of Linkedin and I can help you too.

 According to Linkedin, over 90% of B2B buyers will happily engage with sellers who are known industry thought leaders, so these days, it is vital to have a strong personal brand and present yourself to your target clients as an industry authority. However, many successful people like you, have trouble highlighting their many skills and achievements by themselves.


SB Consulting is my Hong Kong based Marketing Consultancy. I help growing companies like yours in Hong Kong and Asia who are ready to grow their business. You need access to senior-level sales & marketing expertise, but do you do not have a full-time marketing team. When you work with me you get access to over 30 years of Marketing, Advertising, Media & Sales experience as well as an extensive senior-level contacts network throughout Asia.

linkedin for business Workshop series

Want to become an expert at using Linkedin? Then come along to one of my ‘Linkedin for Business’ workshops and learn from Hong Kong’s top Linkedin Trainer!

I have several workshops in my ‘Linkedin for Business’ Workshop series on topics including Personal Branding, Thought Leadership, Employer Branding & Social Selling

linkedin for business

WED 30th OCT 1600 – 1700h

Linkedin for Business #2: Thought Leadership Webinar

Learn how to use Linkedin to present yourself powerfully to your target network as a thought leader and opinion former.

social selling

WEDS 6th NOV – 1230 – 1400h

Linkedin for Business #4: Social Selling

Like it or not, we ALL work in Sales of some kind, so you need to be good at it. Come and Learn how to use Linkedin to source new leads, identify target clients and generate new business.

personal branding on linkedin

WEDS 6TH NOV 1600H -1700H

Linkedin for Business #3: Personal Branding Webinar

Linkedin has taken ownership of the personal branding & thought leadership space and offers you an effective way to promote yourself to your target market as an industry expert. 

There is Nothing Better Than A Happy Customer


It took me 10 years to get to my first 1000 followers on Linkedin; then I met you.

RTM Six months later I now have 2,300. And growing. I’m now getting connection requests & business enquiries from industry people I never knew previously from around the globe. The number of people visiting my profile has risen from 12 to 485 over the past 3 months and continues to grow steadily.I have also picked up a new business partner, totally through Linkedin, who is going to help me open up new markets in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Algeria and so on in Africa. He flew over to meet me after we spent time chatting and he is a well-credentialed person to help us do this work.Additionally, there will be scores of attendees coming to visit our annual trade show in Zhuhai this year for the first time because they have now engaged with me here on Linkedin.Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the world of new business opportunities that Linkedin offers.

David Gibbons –


Steve Bruce is easily recognised as the top expert in Linkedin and Personal Branding.

We were very privileged that he could come and speak to a full house tonight after stepping off a plane from Heathrow just hours earlier. Dedicated, passionate and professional, Steve gave a rapid-fire succession of usable practical tips in the areas of image and network building, down to details such as the ideal headshot. When I think of Linkedin, Bruce comes to mind as the go-to expert.

Jim Wan

Toastmasters, Hong Kong

I have attended Steve's excellent 'Linked for Business' series of workshops and have worked with him to upgrade my own Linkedin profile.

He really knows Linkedin very well and challenged me to find the correct way to present myself professionally on the platform. As an Executive coach, my work is normally focused on how to help other people rather than myself, so I really found the work we did together useful.<br />If you want to upgrade how you look to your target market, Steve is your man.

William Furniss

Hong Kong Based Fine Art Photographer

We hired Steve to run his ‘Linkedin for Business Teams’ workshop for us as part of our in-house training program.

The workshop was very inspiring and informative where Steve helped us to demystify and explain the many hidden features Linkedin offers in a clear & concise way, teaching us how to optimize our LinkedIn profile and leverage our connections to reach a much wider audience with our posts.I would happily recommend Steve’s workshops to any company looking to raise their industry profile & visibility.

Fiti Tse

Marketing, Generali Insurance Hong Kong

Recently, I engaged Steve's services of a one-on-one session for building a LinkedIn profile.

Being somewhat sceptical on how this would turn out, I duly turned up for my appointment and was immediately ‘bowled over’ by the sheer energy and enthusiasm Steve had for making sure I got the best value for money from the session. Steve provided me with a thorough understanding and practical demonstration of how LinkedIn works as well as insight into some of the nuisances it may have. I came away delighted with what we had achieved during my session and since upgrading my profile, I have had many more views and requests to connect. Given time and completion of the homework Steve gave me to improve my profile even more, I am quite confident this will help to grow my business.Thanks Steve!

Kevin Rookes

Aviation Safety & Regulatory Specialist


My name is Steve Bruce & I am a Hong Kong based independent Linkedin Trainer. I have been offering Linkedin training, workshops & 1-2-1 Linkedin coaching services since 2011. During that time, I have taught over a thousand Senior executives, Business Owners, Salespeople & Corporate Teams how to use Linkedin effectively to present themselves powerfully as opinion-formers and thought leaders. I’ve also taught my clients to generate revenue using the platform and I can help you too.

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